Balance must be paid in full for services rendered at time of exam.  All material orders must have balances paid in full before orders are placed.  All orders not paid in full will be placed on hold until balance is fully paid off.  Any balances not paid after 3 months will be given notices and be sent to Collections after 6 months.  Patient must sign or initial Intent of Forfeiture (below) for merchandise before 180 days to prevent balance sent to Collections.  A copy of your receipt will be needed to pick up merchandise.  Payment by phone will be charged an additional 2.75% of balance (Merchandise not paid in full by 6 months will automatically forfeit their product.) Patient will be responsible for all fees of services and products not paid by insurance, even claims submitted and denied even after checking out from our office once billing is reviewed.


  1.  Frames:    Refund on frames permitted with 50% restocking fee within 30 days.  No 

                        refunds after 30 days.  Purchases through insurance will be applied and

                        calculated based on insurance   reimbursements at time of purchase.  Any

                        conditions of damage will be evaluated by both our   office and frame

                        manufacturer and subject to limited manufacturer’s warranty on all 

                        frames within 30 days. No replacements on frames after 30 days.  No 

                        frame exchanges once eyeglass order has been placed and lab has

                        started the order. 


  2.  Lens:       No refunds on lenses due to lenses being a customized item.  One lens

                       redo permitted and is subject to lab policies.  Applies to patients with

                       medical conditions (ie: Diabetes,  cataracts, etc) that causes changes in

                       vision.  Applies to lens options as well.  For patients who  cannot adapt to

                       progressive lens (PALs), credit will be applied to patient’s choice of

                       either distance or reading lenses into the same frame with all lens option(s)

                       in place prior to redo.    Additional lens option may be added to new


  3.  Contacts:     Refund permitted on contact lens with 50% restocking fee on contact

                       lens order within 30 days of order arrival of contacts for unopened boxes. 

                       No refunds on open boxes.  Exchanges permitted on all unopened boxes

                       within 90 days.  Credit will be applied to only contact lens (no glasses or

                       services).  Exchanges must be ordered within 30 days of date of

                       exchange order. Purchases through insurance will be applied and

                       calculated based on insurance reimbursements at time of purchase. 

                       Excludes CRT or specialty Lenses.


            Note: All eyeglass orders normally take 7-14 business days at time of order.  Our office will inform patients of any delays due to lab or frame manufacturer issues.  Contact lens orders will be processed on the following Mondays or Fridays, patients should receive orders 3-5 business days from date of office ordering.  Shipping charges will be a flat rate of $10 to any patient’s address in CA, additional $5 to any state in the continental united states, and $10 to Alaska and Hawaii.  Shipping orders to outside United States will be subject to international rates. Additional fees for insurance or overnight rates.


FIXING / REPAIR: Our office and/or labs will not be responsible for any damages to frames or lenses not purchased at our office on and during eyeglass processing and shipments.  Our office will not be liable for any damages towards fixing or repairing glasses.  

ALLERGIES: While we can appreciate the difficulties of allergies to certain materials (ie: metals), we will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions caused by the materials we dispense.  It is the patient’s  responsibility to inform and to disclose that  information prior to purchasing merchandise at our office.  Full exchanges will be made for those who can present medical notes of their allergies based on the materials dispense within 90 days of purchase.

PRIVACY: i-Care Optometry does it’s best to protect patients privacy and information.  In the event patient’s information has been compromised, we will work with both patient and law enforcements to rectify the issue.  We will not be held responsible financially for any incursions due to lose of patient’s info.  Please allow up to 24 hours for copies to be sent by email.

TRIAL CONTACT LENS: Trial contact lens are valid up to one month from date of exam only.  Additional trial contact lens will not be dispensed unless authorized by ICO doctor.  Fees may apply after 30 days from exam date for additional trials.

Extra Notes:


•   Management reserves rights to make any changes to office policies at any time

    without patient notice. 

•   All rules and policies apply regardless of signature and/or loss of this receipt.

•   It is the responsibility of the patient to read the policies before contacting iCO.